Social/Recreational Benefits

The Garibaldi Mountain Resort will be one of the few new mountain resorts built in the last 40 years.

The project envisions bringing together the diverse facets of the Squamish community that make it a unique place in the world.

Specific examples include:

  • The resort will partner with the Squamish Nation on historical, educational and cultural programming that will feature the culture and history of the Nation.;
  • The resort will partner with Squamish Nation to develop skills training and work placement programs that will ensure that community members are an integral part of the building and ongoing operation of the resort;
  • Garibaldi Mountain Resort will further advance Squamish’s growing reputation as a community that is “Hardwired for Adventure” by providing an opportunity for citizens and visitors of all ability levels to take part in all-season mountain activities;
  • Key resort features such as hiking paths and fitness stations will be free and readily accessible for public use;
  • Garibaldi Resort will hold new local events such as music or cultural festivals that will appeal to both locals and visitors;
  • The mountain resort community will contribute to the sustainable development of Squamish’s natural and economic assets, enabling long-term growth and quality jobs close to home, reducing the time that families spend commuting to and from their current places of work or distant recreational destinations;
  • The resort will support the British Columbia government’s desire to manage access to Garibaldi Provincial Park and to develop a sustainable forest management program; and
  • The resort will support the development and implementation of an updated Garibaldi Park Master Plan.
New Recreation Options

The new resort will complement Squamish’s extensive array of outdoor recreation activities. Which include:

  • Skiing and snowboarding;
  • Improved Alpine hiking routes with better marked trails and lift accessibility;
  • Crossfit hiking trails with specially marked areas with fitness apparatus;
  • New mountain biking trails designed by world renowned local trail designers. This will likely be the first Mountain Resort in North America built with mountain biking as a core component, not an afterthought;
  • Alpine slide and mountain coasters;
  • Ice rinks
  • New chair lifts and gondolas.

More local jobs means more time with family

Currently, Stats Canada reports that over half of Squamish workers are employed out of town and most report commutes of more than 15 minutes. With a local mountain resort, more Squamish residents can work closer to home, avoiding long commutes to Whistler or Vancouver.

The Resort will provide over 4000 direct local jobs at full build-out, and another 2000 indirect jobs. Reduced commuting times mean reduced highway congestion at current bottlenecks, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. More local jobs mean Squamish residents spend less time commuting, and more time with their family or doing the things they love.